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Ocho Rios Restaurants

Almond Tree
83 Main St, Ocho Rios · 876-974-2813

Whether you choose the patio or the fashionable dining room,
your experience at Almond Tree definitely will be unforgettable.
Entrées include lobster thermidor, veal piccata, and roasted pig.
The appetizers are no less appealing with specialties like fondue and pumpkin soup.
You won’t regret your choice with Almond Tree,
but be sure to make reservations, or you may regret missing the experience.

Blue Cantina
81 Main St, Ocho Rios · 876-974-2430

Quaint and cozy, this little “cantina” supplies the city with a steady supply of authentic Mexican food
and is understandably celebrated for its tacos.
You can order a platter of the Mexican variety or go in for some Jamaican tacos for a different taste.
The fried chicken also rewards patrons with a flavorsome meal, and the modest prices
allow you to fill up without emptying your wallet.

Café Aubergine
Kingston Hwy, 11 miles outside of Ocho Rios, Ocho Rios · 876-973-0527

Combine French cuisine with the spices and piquant flavors of the Caribbean
and you may just have a work of genius in the making.
At Café Aubergine, that genius comes to life in entrées like chicken immersed in a lemon caper sauce,
fresh seafood sautéed in white wine, and grilled lamb.
Though he was trained in Europe, Chef Neville Anderson, the mastermind behind these creations,
places as much importance on pleasing the Caribbean palate as he does preparing classic European dishes.
It's imperative to call ahead to reserve your table for lunch or dinner.

Café Mango
52 Main St, across from Jamaica Grande, Ocho Rios · 876-974-2716

Café Mango provides diners with a superb selection of entrées to suit almost any mood.
You can go south of the border with a Mexican dish, try a “perfetto” pasta dish or pizza,
or order an all-American platter of chicken wings.
The shaded locale and laid-back atmosphere make it ideal for lunch or dinner,
and the central location makes it a good rest stop before heading to the beach or shopping destinations.

Evita's Italian Restaurant
Eden Bower Rd, Ocho Rios · 876-974-2333

Evita's earns its reputation as one of the city’s most authentic Italian restaurants by serving a full menu
of savory entrées, not just the standard pasta dishes that you will see at others.
The restaurant definitely serves a range of pastas (over 30 varieties in fact),
but the entrées like lasagna with ackee fish and fresh tomatoes, sautéed snapper in an orange sauce,
and lobster in a white crème sauce steal the show.
The extensive list of wines only compounds the esteem locals and visitors have for Evita’s.

Main St, at the Renaissance Jamaica Grande Resort, Ocho Rios · 876-974-2201

The Northern Italian cuisine at L’Allegro adds spice to your pie by bringing a little Jamaican flair to its pizzas.
The wood-burning oven turns out pizza with toppings like tuna and jerk chicken along with usual
suspects like mozzarella cheese and tangy tomato sauce.
Indoor and outdoor seating is available.

Le Gourmet Restaurant
North Coast Hwy, Couples Ocho Rios, 2 miles east of Ocho, Ocho Rios · 876-975-4271

With a name like “The Gourmet Restaurant,” this upscale Ocho Rios
favorite may evoke a word like “exaggeration” or a phrase like “yeah right.”
Humble or not, “gourmet” definitely fits the bill.
The award-winning restaurant serves almost-perfect renditions
of sautéed veal medallions and peppery blackened snapper.
Another dish that will take you by surprise is the spinach-stuffed grouper simmering in butter.
Whatever your final decision, you will have no trouble calling the restaurant “gourmet” by the time you leave.

Little Pub
59 Main St, Ocho Rios · 876-974-5825

Little Pub is anything but “little” when it comes to what they offer.
Diners can feast on jerk pork or chicken, sautéed snapper, grilled kingfish, or fresh lobster.
The restaurant also offers pub-fare favorites like burgers and a variety of desserts,
such as bananas flambé or crêpes suzette with its tantalizing orange butter sauce.
Breakfast-goers also get in on the action with full Jamaican- and American-style breakfasts and a full juice bar.

North Coast Hwy, Sandals Ocho Rios Resort and Golf Club, Ocho Rios · 876-974-5691

Michelle’s caters only to couples and includes just the right amount of elegance
to make it a romantic favorite among visitors.
Waiters in white gloves take care of you with superb service, and entrées like baked shrimp,
pan-fried swordfish in a creamy tomato and herb sauce, and a variety of pastas never fail to hit their mark.
Try the fresh cappuccino at evening’s end or a final glass of wine from their extensive selection.

Ocho Rios Village Jerk Centre
Da Costa Dr, Ocho Rios · 876-974-2549

Situated under a large blue canvas, this restaurant gives diners a chance to enjoy
the tropical Jamaican weather and one the island’s mainstays, Red Stripe beer.
Entrées include various seafood concoctions, such as grilled red snapper,
and the barbecue chicken is rumored to be the best in the city.
From the jerk pork to the daily specials, each dish is somewhat spicy and full of island flavour.
Lunch becomes especially exciting because of arriving cruise passengers,
so it presents an excellent time to mingle with newcomers.

Parkway Restaurant
60 Da Costa Dr, Ocho Rios · 876-974-2667

From the red snapper filet to the banana cream pie, every course of your meal at Parkway Inn
will excite your taste buds and make you wish that you could try everything.
The curried goat entrée and reggae night help you fit in with all locals that frequent the place,
and since everything is affordable, you won’t have to feel like you're paying tourists prices either.

Passage to India
50 Main St, Soni's Plaza, Ocho Rios · 876-795-3182

Passage to India should not be overlooked by diners who crave spice-riddled dishes.
Tandoor chicken and lamb are menu favorites that perfectly blend the meat’s natural juices
with a range of spices like garlic, ginger, and of course, curry.
The restaurant’s fresh breads are outstanding as well, so make sure to order an extra
amount to enjoy before and during your meal.
The restaurant is also centrally located near shopping attractions, making it a perfect place to stop for lunch.

Pineapple Pizza Pub
Pineapple Shopping Center, Ocho Rios · 876-974-6426

If one of your favorite combinations in the world is pizza and beer,
then Pineapple Pizza Pub should be at the top of your list when dining out in Ocho Rios.
The specialty pineapple pizza includes a zesty sauce and Canadian bacon,
although there is any number of topping combinations possible.
The pub-like atmosphere caters to a casual crowd that likes its suds,
and the menu also features burgers and bar food if you’re not in the mood for a pie.

Plantation Inn
Main St, Ocho Rios · 876-974-5601

Diners for over 4 decades have helped make the breakfast buffet at the Plantation Inn almost legendary.
Stylish yet unassuming, the restaurant serves up Jamaican breakfast favorites
like ackee fish and liver and bananas as well as American standards like eggs and pancakes.
If you’re in the mood for some bakery-fresh bread, then the Plantation Inn creates some of the best in the city.

Ristorante D'Amore
North Coast Hwy, Sandals Dunns River Golf Resort, Ocho Rios · 876-972-1610

Ristorante D'Amore lives up to its name by providing a couples-only atmosphere
that is a welcome relief from the crowded beaches and nightspots.
The restaurant serves Italian dishes from several regions, and menu favorites include grilled snapper,
veal cutlets with prosciutto, and a several cheesecake creations that present a sinful delight.
Make sure to reserve a table, and a smart-casual dress code is enforced.

North Coast Hwy, Sandals Dunns River Golf Resort, Ocho Rios · 876-972-1610

Your best choice for Asian cuisine in Ocho Rios is Teppanyaki—and, as a side note,
the restaurant also offers a great entertainment option for the entire family.
Always fun and engaging, the skilled chefs work and weave their utensils to entertain you as they prepare your meal.
Their antics may be fun, but entrées like glazed teriyaki tuna and the Emperor’s Feast
will make you concentrate more on what’s on your plate than what’s going on around you.
Help satisfy your sweet tooth at the end of the meal with their special lychee custard with orange blossoms.

The Casanova
North Coast Hwy, Grand Lido Sans Souci, 2 miles east, Ocho Rios · 876-994-1353

Smoked chicken in basking in berry sauce, baked sea trout swimming in basil hollandaise,
Cornish hen bubbling in citrus sauce, and salmon immersed in champagne
— these and many other extravagant entrées continually draw Ocho Rios elite to The Casanova.
If you want an elegant dining experience, indoors or out, then this European-style restaurant has no rivals.
Jackets are required.

The Ruins
Da Coast Dr, about 1/2 mile out of town, Ocho Rios · 876-974-2442

This restaurant spices up its Jamaican menu with an Asian touch for just the right tangy flavor and unique flair.
Diners particularly admire the Lotus Lilly Lobster and freshly prepared Caribbean seafood.
The atmosphere is just as unique, with an outdoor dining area that is flanked by a 40-foot waterfall and tropical pool.
The garden perfectly complements a meal that fuses Jamaican and Oriental beauty and tastes.

Rte 3, Harmony Hall, Ocho Rios · 876-975-4785

Situated at the elegant and historical Harmony Hall, Toscanini’s serves a rotating menu
of Italian specialties and gourmet vegetarian dishes.
Diners always receive the freshest seafood available, and pastas like carpaccio, gnocchi,
and penne compete for the number one spot on the menu while the pudding desserts, alone,
are enough to bring you back for more.
Fine wine and a beautiful environment make this restaurant perfect for an extended lunch or a romantic dinner.

Sultan's Table
Eden Bower Rd, at The Enchanted Garden, Ocho Rios · 876-974-1400

Richly decorated in a Middle-Eastern theme, Sultan’s Table provides patrons
with a fine-dining experience in the opulence of comfortable cushions,
Turkish rugs, and hand-carved wood accents.
The authentic menu rotates often and borrows dishes from Morocco, Turkey, and Israel.
If available, try a beef dish covered in peppers and served with cous cous
or grilled snapper filled with a tahini yogurt sauce.

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